Welcome To Dakota Winds Shih Tzus

Anni and Belle are now both retired and living it up in our home and spoiled to no end. Cooper is available for stud. If you are interested in using Cooper please contact me for more info.

We are a small breeder located in Southeast South Dakota. We breed for quality puppies, NOT quantity and have been raising dogs for about 7 years. Our puppies are raised in our home with children, older adults and other animals to provide a well socialized puppy. Our puppies do not go to new homes before the age of 8 weeks, and we will keep a puppy as long as needed till it is ready to go to a new home. We do not believe in "pushing" our puppies out the door.

Be sure to check our site frequently for updates. I try to update puppy photos weekly. Please be sure to allow 24 hours for return email or phone call when inquiring about a puppy.


Why Get A Puppy From Us?

Our puppies are our very first concern. If you look around the internet at puppies for sale you will see either the bare minumum of care or very over priced puppies that require unrealistic requirements being made to validate the guarantees.


Our puppies come with 2 sets of vaccinations (most only have one set if even that), full worming schedual (many do not worm at all or only once), dew claws removed (most do not bother to remove them), vet checked (some do not bother at all to cut down on expenses), socialized (some have to many puppies or no time to do this), and high quality puppy food (many feed crapola food like purina or genaric brands).

We start potty training at 3 weeks of age (paper), then around 6 weeks old (after first set of shots) they are taken outside for 1 or 2 hours twice a day for exercise, socializing, and continued potty training. They are around children, older adults, and our other dogs from the time they are born and are handled daily from 3 weeks of age till they go to their new homes. This gives a healthy, happy, and well started with socialization puppy for our customers!

We feed Diamond Naturals Small Breed dog food.


Just A Note To Our Visitors

I advertise my puppies here before I advertise them anywhere else. Therefore, our visitors have first chance at new puppies. When the puppies are born I will post a birth announcement in the news update section of this page. Pictures will follow with more info on each puppy when they are 1 week old in the available puppy area of this site.

We cannot hold a puppy without a deposit. If you have placed a deposit on a puppy, I will keep you updated with weekly photos, emails and answer any questions you may have. I do require talking to our customers via phone at least once before any sale is final. This is to go over our supply list, potty training and to answer any additional questions you may have.

Please see our deposit agreement for more information. If you send the deposit via regular mail I will wait 4 days before e-mailing an enquiry to you. Best thing is to have a photocopy of the deposit (check, money order, ect.) and send us a tracking number (required on any deposit sent via regular mail). This is so we can track it after the 4 days and know for sure it is on its way and taking longer then normal (weather around the country can affect the timeliness of the mail). I will wait up to 6 days before letting anyone else have the puppy IF I have a tracking number. We also accept PayPal (see deposit agreement for details).

This is because I have had people tell me they will "send a deposit the next day". I have waited days and even up to 3 weeks for those deposits that never came. Then, I usually e-mail the person and inquire about the deposit they "sent", only to find out they changed their minds without bothering to let me know, and I could have sold that puppy 2-3 times over while waiting for a non existent deposit. Don't tell us you are going to send a deposit if you are not going to or if you change your mind and are not sending a deposit please let me know right away. I do understand that emergencies happen, or that people change their minds.

Now that I have that out of the way, be sure to check back often to see any updates or check on upcoming litter information. I hope you enjoy your visit to our site and someday soon become a member of our family. Oh and don't forget to check out the Fun area of our site for a few good laughs!

Comming Soon: Rosie's Lil Deuce Coupe aka Cooper will be available for breeding to the public. Please contact me for more information if you are interested.